Who We Are?

Our Mission

Creating sporting pathways for today’s young athletes whilst building Mind, Body and Character, to bring out the best in them.


Young Prospects is a sports coaching organisation. Our emphasis in on increasing participation by nurturing sports at the grass roots level and to develop further interest in playing sports at a competitive level, if desired.

Through extra-curricular school sports clubs, hired events; plus sports camps during school breaks, we offer the opportunity for anyone to have fun and greatly improve in their chosen sport. We do this by focusing on the fundamentals in a variety of sports and giving children and and young people the opportunity to grow and learn in a friendly environment.

Young Prospects has earned a reputation as a provider of coaching excellence. By working in partnership with local authorities, we have been able to successfully provide support to community projects since 2009.

At Young Prospects we take the time to ensure each participant can perform skills, as well as develop the knowledge and understanding of their sport. Most importantly we aim to encourage them to not only enjoy playing sport, but to enjoy learning and working hard to achieve their goals. We  make it a priority that all participants play/practice in a safe environment, where thorough risk assessments are completed prior to and during sessions. We also make sure that all participants are continuously involved within every session by incorporating individual and team based skill activities. 

Our events/sessions range from one-off training programs to weekly and monthly sessions.

We are determine to develop each and every child or young person to their full potential on and off the playing field. We coach sports, but we are more interested in helping our participants grow, not only as a sports players but also as people. We are committed to the individual development of each child and young person. 

We don’t just produce players, we build people..